Wholesale FAQs

We've put together some answers to a few frequently asked questions below. If the following do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-878-6287 or e-mail us at info@americohome.com.

The minimum order is 18 mats.

2 mats per image must be ordered.

Any order consisting of 36 mats or more is eligible for a free mat fixture. Display fixture must be scanned and appear on the order.

The fixture is 32.8" wide x 17" deep x 72" tall.

Freight is calculated as 15% of the total order.

Terms are CC or NET 30 days.

Discounts must consist of a sizable order and be agreed upon by the Rep Principle and Americo Home.

Lead times generally run 15 working days, which begin after the credit approval process.

We request all customers provide this documentation. However, customers in GA, FL, and CA must provide one in order not to be charged sales tax. Forms can be emailed to orders@americohome.com or faxed to 877.899.6287.